PBHA-Alumni Holiday Update
December 2011 Holiday updates

PBHA Alumni Weekend

PBHA-A celebrated our 5th annual Alumni Weekend on October 15th in the
general festive mood of the Harvard 375th anniversary celebration. Over 50
alumni, students, and guests attended the luncheon to honor Outstanding
Alumnus Katya Fels Smyth ‘93 and Outstanding Supporters Walter and Susan
Birge ’61. Alumni and students also honored Gene Corbin KSG ’01, outgoing
Executive Director of PBHA and new Dean of Public Service for Harvard
College, for his many years of outstanding leadership. Alumni also
participated in PBHA-led reflection sessions after the luncheon, sharing
their rich experiences and thoughts with participating students. In the
evening, the weekend’s public service theme was anchored by the memorable
Coles “Call to Service” Lecture by distinguished speaker Dorothy Stoneman
’63, founder of YouthBuild.

Officer’s Corner

Welcome the new Treasurer, Mina Makarious ’06 and new President, Emily
Parrott ’09.

_Interim Secretary_
We are looking for an Interim Secretary until elections in October 2012. The
Secretary is part of the officer team of PBHA-Alumni. The position includes
editing newsletters, keeping notes for the organization, and making
decisions for the future of PBHA-A. If you’re interested, please contact

_Alumni Service Projects_
This year we are seeking input about alumni service projects for regional
groups, this could include projects that are ongoing within one community or
one-time service. If you are interested in coordinating one of these
projects, please contact [3]Emily.

Alumni Updates

_Alumni Weekend Honorees_
Pictured above are Walter and Susan Birge III ’61 honored as PBHA’s
Outstanding Supporters and and Katya Fels Smyth ’93, Founder and CEO of the
Full Frame Initiative, Inc, honored as PBHA’s Outstanding Alum at the Annual
Alumni Weekend in October.

_Regional Representatives_
Out there in Los Angeles or Miami or Denver or Seattle and want to help
coordinate a regional group with other service-minded alumni in your area?
Contact us today and make the connection in your city.

_Time to Switch Over_
It’s time to switch over. Our PBHA Alumni Group is about to be archived,
it’s a thing of the past. Please sign up for the new [4]Facebook Fan Page.
You’ll be able to get more updates and interact more freely!

Upcoming Events

_Holiday Parties! _
_Boston:_ PBHA Parlor Room, Thursday December 15th, 6-8pm. Potluck style!
Also, bring something to donate for the holiday season (toys, cold weather
clothing, etc). See you then.

_Global Networking Night _
at the Harvard Club of Boston! On Wednesday January 11, 2012, PBHA-Alumni
will be co-hosting the HAA Global Networking Night.

_Reflection Corps _
Alumni involvement in Reflection Corps at PBHA. If you’re in the Boston area
and interested in being part of the alumni corps that helps reflect new
students. Contact Training, Reflection, and Evaluation
Coordinator [5]Jesse.